Government Should Serve the Best Interest of the People

I’ve adopted one simple, life-changing principle when it comes to politics.

Government should serve the best interest of the People.

Forget ideology. Forget the fact that you’ve been a Republican for the past 30 years, or a Democrat for the past 30 years. Forget how all of your friends and family vote.

Government should serve the best interest of the People.

At present, our government simply doesn’t do that. Our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are regularly bought and paid for, and they only serve the best interest of whoever’s paying them off right now. The payoffs come mostly through such things as contributions for their next campaign, and lucrative jobs after they leave office.

The exceptions to this exist, but they are rare.

And this is so because our system has made it so. Whoever has the most money for reelection wins, because they can afford the biggest campaign and the most advertising.

And when a politician — and yes, this includes Donald Trump — tells you he’s doing something great for you, in reality, he’s only doing something great for those who pay politicians to, in turn, pass laws that make them richer and richer.

And the explanation the politician gives you for his policies is designed just to pull the wool over your eyes. The politician tells you he’s promoting this law, or that one, for your benefit. The reality is: He’s promoting this law, or that one, in order to pay off those who’ve given him money.

In spite of last week’s failure to repeal Obamacare, Republicans in the House seem determined to revive a repeal bill.

They’re not doing this for you.

Make no mistake: They don’t have and have not bothered to come up with anything that’s going to make health care better for most of us.

What their repeal bill will do is make having health insurance unaffordable — in the sense of impossible to pay for — for many Americans.

While there may be a few exceptions, as a whole, it will do almost nothing for the middle class.

It will strip health insurance from lower-income Americans and make those of us who are struggling worse off.

And it will take a lot of the money saved, and give it to people who are already rich.

Obamacare is far from a perfect law. It has problems that should be fixed. But — and I say this as someone who vehemently opposed the passage of this law back in 2010 and for years afterward — the current Republican efforts to “repeal and replace” this law directly violate the fundamental principle above.

Government should serve the best interest of the People.